Migrating/Comparision from Akka Classic to Typed

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I’m going to migrate an application from Akka Classic to Akka Typed, but before, I wrote a small dummy project to compare both styles and to prove how easy is the migration.

In the project, always in both Classic and Typed, I cover:

  • Akka gRPC
  • Akka actors Classic and Typed
  • Akka Event Sourcing
  • Akka Persistence

I’m sharing the project here because it could be useful for people in the same situation as me.

The akka-gRPC-persistence-example Github repo contains the implementation.

Comparision and migration

You can find the comparision in the server/src/main/scala/example/server. There are two classes, per every componenent, one for Classic and another one for Typed. For example, MainClassic.scala -> MainTyped.scala.

Please, feedback are welcome!