How to sbt + crossScalaVersions + Bintray

In this post I will talk about how to configure sbt to release and publish packages for multiple Scala versions using Bintray.

April 27th 2020

How to SBT + Docker buildX + Multi-Arch

How to create multi-arch docker images using the buildx experimental utility manually, from a SBT project using sbt-native-packager.

April 16th 2020

Pine64 A64(+) + Armbian Buster + Docker

Step by Step installation: Pine64 A64(+) + Armbian Buster + Docker

April 13th 2020

OpenStreetMap Data Facts with osm4scala

Every time using OSM data, I get more new questions about the pbf files content distributed. This post is a list of facts after analise data using the osm4scala library.

March 16th 2020

Adding PositiveSSL to a docker NGINX

Step by step post explaining how to create a Comodo SSL certificate via Namecheap and how to use it in NGINX.

February 16th 2020

Migrating/Comparision from Akka Classic to Typed

Examples to compare and migration apps from Akka Typed to Akka Classic

November 1st 2019

13€ Recycled 20 cores Homemade Cluster

Building a 20 cores, 19GB memory and 2.6TB storage cluster from old obsolete hardware.

September 18th 2017

Homemade Cluster Hardware.

Detailed analysis about how to build a home / on promise cluster. I will check different option, from single board computers to Mini-ATX computers.

January 2nd 2017

Docker + UFW = Hidden trap.

The "German Federal Office for Information Security" (BSI) contacted me because a security bug in a MondoDB Docker installation. Why?

March 5th 2016

Hadoop (Single Node) 2.7.1 with Docker from scratch

Tutorial about how to create a Hadoop Single Node Docker image from scratch to using BigData developments.

October 4th 2015